​Tori  as the Panther Ranger

​Krista  as the Fox Ranger

​Luke  as the Tiger Ranger

​Joshua  as the Shark Ranger

​Seth  as the Lion Ranger

​Troy Cool as the Wolf Ranger

​Teddy Robertson as the Polar Bear Ranger

​Emily Micks as the Coyote Ranger


​Wild Cat as Panther

​Trigger as Tiger

​Cool Beans as Shark

​Need as Lion

​Zorro as Fox

​Beamer as Wolf

​Icey as the Polar Bear

​Crazy as the Coyote



​Eka Darville as Red Ranger

​Ari Boyland as Flynn Blue Ranger

Rose Mclver as Summer Yellow Ranger

​Milo Cawthorne as Ziggy Green Ranger

​Daniel Ewing as Dillon Black Ranger

​Mike Ginn as Gem Gold Ranger

​Li Ming Hu as Gemma Silver ranger


​Alex Heartman as Jayden Red Ranger

​Najee De-Tiege as Kevin Blue Ranger

​Erika Fong as Mia Pink Ranger

​Brittany Anne Pirtle as Emily Yellow Ranger

​Hector David Jr. as Mike Green Ranger

​Steven Skyler as Gold Ranger



Rene Naufahu as Mentor Ji


​Olivia Tennet as Dr.K

​Transformers prime help the rangers at the base

​Optimus Prime








​Panther Zord

​Tiger Zord

Shark Zord

​Lion Zord

​Fox Zord

​Wolf Zord

​Polar bear Zord

​Coyote Zord


​Ultimate MegaZord

​Wolf Spencer MegaZord

​Ice Burg MegaZord

​Wolf Burg Megazord

​Coyote Star MegaZord

​Story Line
The ultimate force Rangers travel back through time when needed when their enemy the evil king cobra and his brother Rattler and their army attack the city. There is a secret between cobra and his son Troy, cobra does not yet know that Troy is part of the power rangers and if he ever finds out he will blow his top.
It is the Black ranger responsibility to fight the final battle full strength because the black ranger is the only one that can seal cobra and his army back in a hole where they came from. And throughout their battles they will gain new friends and new gear.

​Chapter One

​Later Tori is told to go after two more morphers from a planet that is full of dangers she was told that normally who ever goes there is never seen again, But those morphers had greater power then the Ultimate Force morphers had. If they ever got in to the wrong hands bad news. Cobra heard about this and was determined to stop the Panther ranger from getting those morphers, but Tori did not have the heart to tell the other rangers that it would take two or more months to get them.

​She went for a walk and walked by the Shiba house while the rangers were training and Emily and Mia saw the way she was acting, and went over to their mentor and told him that they were going for a walk and he said okay. They ran up to Tori and asked what was wrong she tried to hide it but could not and told them what her mentor told her and that she had to leave tomorrow night and that she was trying to think of a way to tell the others in a way that would not make them want to go to so that she would not have to tell them no.

​Just then her morpher beeped and so did Emily’s and Mia’s and when they got there they found out that the snakes and the nighloks teamed up and said that they only wanted the panther ranger and that the rest should leave before they get hurt and after that the panther ranger stepped forward and was going to face Rattler and Dayu and their little people but the others did not leave.

​​They got taken out with the first hit, and the panther reacted quickly and jumped in front of them and put the panther shield up that only the panther could pass though. That blast that took out all the rangers took the little people with it so it was just the panther ranger vs Dayu and Rattler and the other rangers watched and helped each other up. As they watched the panther get hit and power down but still was fighting them both off for a long time then get hit again and this time fall to her knees and lose her weapon and Rattler and Dayu come over and grab her arms and then out of nowhere comes Cobra planning to finish the panther for good this time.

​​ He started to raise his sword to hit the panther while the others could do nothing but watch and holler no. Troy knew I could secretly bring my sword to me but he did not know if I could do it in time or not.
Thankfully I was able to do it in time and the others watched me morph as soon as I got my sword and fight against Cobra and Rattler and Dayu at the same time and a little while later they backed off, and said that that was not the last time we would see them but while they were saying that the shield powered down and the others run up behind me.

​Troy had called one of the robots that I created to help me. The rangers asked me what that was about and Emily and Mia told them for me a little while after that our mentor appeared and told all of them more about it on the way back to base. Then I felt a very sharp pain and my hand started glowing black and I said oh no because that meant Pantheraxe was coming he is very dangerous. The morpher got hit pretty bad one time and created Pantheraxe no one but me can beat him we have equaled powers and sometimes I start to think am I going to be able to do it but thank fully the team fought together against him and beat him this time.

​​Meanwhile Cobra, Rattler and Master Xandred, Dayu, Octoroo were trying to think of ways to get rid of Tori and Jayden at the same time.
​​Meanwhile we were at home base on a different planet that the zords took us too and I was packing and getting ready to leave that night since we found out that the bad guys knew about the other morphers.
Two months later I returned home with the morphers. As soon as I landed our morphers beeped and so did the samurai rangers. Once again our enemy’s joined forces we all morphed and were fighting the moggers and the little snakes we were all separated and Dayu heads towards the Tori and Rattler heads towards the Jayden the others are kept busy by moggers and little snakes.

​Jayden gets hit really hard and falls to his knees and demorphs I put the panther shield up around him and I fight Dayu and Rattler while the others finish off the moggers and snakes and then Dayu and Rattler back off. A mega snake comes out and unknown to everyone but me and our mentor I had a new zord the polar bear zord it had not been used in quiet a while and it combined with the megazord to give it more power. The megazord had the power to freeze the snake. We ran into the snake and broke it into a million pieces.

​Later that week we were having a little party at base and the computers picked up a large ground bridge signature and went to investigate to make sure that it was not one of Cobra’s plans and to our surprise it was power rangers rpm ultimate force meet rpm before samurai did, but unthank fully Pantheraxe decided to show up and ruin it I was fighting without being morphed and then I morphed and we fought for a while and he ended up losing.

​Chapter Two

​On the way back to the base panther came out of now where and was acting crazy he started to run towards some woods . I started to follow him and he stopped at the end of the woods at an old base that the snakes destroyed a long time ago and to my surprise Cobra had a general Corn and some little snakes looking for something. I called the others to tell them what was going on and we were all trying to figure out what they could possible want and then I turned to see what they were doing and they pulled out a computer that was in one piece. Then I told the team what they had and that they were after what power’s our ranger power only one thing could destroy our power’s.

​Then I morphed and started to head for the computer but I got stopped by the little snakes and then I heard a ground bridge behind me and I just smiled because back up had arrived. We were all fighting and I ended up fighting general Corn for our safety and I got hit and demorphed and still fighting finally he went down and we got the computer and then he grow mega and we formed the Ice Burg Megazord and defeated him. Then Teddy Came to town on a mission to find the Ultimate Force Rangers for a newspaper in her home town.

​One day the Nighlocks and the Snakes decide to try to take out their biggest threat the Panther Ranger and they started attaking in a park where a punch of kids were playing. Teddy was just walking by when she saw the snakes and nighlocks she was about to hide to stay and watch to see if she could get some pictures of the rangers not morphed. But she decided to try to protect those kids and started fighting against the moggers and snakes and against Rattler and Dayu.

​​A little while after that the samurai rangers and the ultimate force rangers showed up and morphed into action by then most of the kids were safe we were fighting the moggers and snakes when but Tori had to stop and get in front of Teddy because Rattler and Dayu were about to hit her but Tori did not have time to block the attacks with her sword. So she toke the hit not knowing that they were poisonous, and that Dayu and Rattler were hoping that would happen but as the others finished off the moggers and the snakes Tori fell down in pian. Emily came to check on Tori and to tell Teddy to go hide.

Emily asked Tori if she was okay she said yes boy what she did not know was about what was coming ouch. They both started fighting after a little while Dayu and Rattler just started laughing which was making the rangers wonder why after they disappeared they demorphed and Teddy came out. Boy what Teddy did not know was she was about to become a ranger she was sent there to tell her home town who they rangers where she was about to make a big decision.

​The samurai rangers were about to witness a big surprise Tori stepped up after being thanked for taking those hits. Tori asked Teddy if she wanted the job as the white ranger or not after thinking about it Teddy said yes. Tori said that in oder for them to learn more about Teddy was to have lunch and let her introduce herself. Then Tori felt a very sharp pain in her right shoulder and the only one who seemed to notice was Emily.
Tori told the others to go ahead she would catch up later.

​​She started walking in a different direction a little later Emily caught up with her and asked her what was wrong and she said that she felt very sharp pains in the area where she got hit earlier. Then while they were talking she felt it again only this time it was more painful than the last time it happened. Then Tori said that Rattler and Dayu were properly laughing because they knew that something like this would happen to her and Tori all so said that it was poisonous and that they should get back to the base.

​Chapter Three

​Tori and Emily got back to the base and Tori had arcee do some tests on her blood the test were for poison and they came out positive and Tori was right about Dayu and Rattler. Emily stayed at the base for a while after they found out and then said she was going to take the north road home. Tori said goodbye and Emily left.
After that the others came home and the samurai rangers came to pick up Emily Jayden asked where she was and Tori told them about what Emily said, and Jayden called mentor ji to see if Emily was there but he said no. Tori was about to tell arcee to pull up video from the time Emily had walked on the north road but just before that they received a message from cobra.
The message was that Tori had to come to the cliffs near the ocean at once and no one but her was allowed to come because if they wanted Emily to come back unharmed that Tori had to come alone. Tori had to argue with the others she knew that it was a trap but cared more about Emily than herself but the others did not know about the poison.

​Tori told Teddy that her and Mia would come but must stay hidden or else they would hurt Emily. This was Teddy first run since she became a ranger. The ground bridge opened up where Rattler and Dayu could not see it so that they would not see Mia and Teddy. Tori come out from behind a rock cliff and was soon surrounded by snakes and moggers and she called her sword and started fighting them. As soon as she finished them off a super sharp pain occurred in her right shoulder it was so painful it made Emily want to hit Dayu and Rattler so hard.

​The plan was as soon as Tori got Emily to safety Mia and Teddy could have them and hit them as hard as the wanted. But after that sharp pain occurred Dayu said that the poison was moving faster than expected and she just told everyone but Emily that I had been poisoned. That was going to cause trouble when we get back to base. Then I fell down then I got up but I had to grab my sword with my left arm because I could not control my right arm it was just hanging there. Teddy was surprised to see how strong I was and how good I was in these kind of situations. I climbed up there and I had to fight of Dayu and Rattler and try to get Emily free at the same time. Dayu faked me and kicked one of my feet from out from under me and I fell down but kept fighting.
But final knocked both of them down just long enough to draw a descramble symbol that had a time limit but Emily was able to get out of the ropes before the time ran out.

​​Then Dayu rushed me and I fell off the cliff and hit the ground very hard but the only thing that was hurting me was the soreness from the fall. But while Emily was climbing down I signaled Teddy and Mia that they could go at it while me and Emily were heading for safety.

​A little while latter Mia and Teddy came back and Mia asked Emily if she was okay and then I asked Teddy how she liked her first run she said she loved it and could not wait to have more I told her that her opinion would change and fast. Then I got scolded by Mia and Emily but I was just waiting for it and when we get back to base I am going to wish I was in prison because Krista is going to give be the biggest lecture of my life.
When we got back after Krista was done with me arcee helped me into one of the hurt rooms and I just set in one of the chairs with a poison sucking device stuck to my right shoulder. While I was getting worked on by arcee and ratchet the rpm rangers stopped by for a visit and asked what happened and every one helped explained what happened.

​Chapter 4

​After that arcee and ratchet come out to tell the rangers that the poison was moving faster than expected it was already almost to her morpher and to her lungs. Ratchet told the others that they would have to try a new little surgery to see if they could get the poison out of her before it could grow and possible cause a lot of trouble. They told the others that Tori came up with the machine and the surgery but the others were still worried about all of this but ratchet said they would have to start soon. Krista was telling them for all of the ultimate force team if it was okay with Tori to go ahead with it so they walked back to the room and helped Tori get up on the bed in another room and but an oxygen mask on her face. Then they got the machine ready and put it on and started it while they were doing that the others were watching what they were doing on a computer.

​Luke, Joshua and Seth were trying to calm Krista down but they were failing but she calmed down later on after she realized that I was going to be fine but then a very super sharp pain in my shoulder caused a little bit of trouble and it caused me to blackout for a little while. Everyone but Emily, Teddy and Summer did not know about the blackout Emily, Teddy, and Summer were in the room when it happened that just proved that the poison was moving faster and proved that ratchet was right when he said it would cause trouble.
I woke up a little later and boy I was sore and in pain I could not touch my shoulder without about to die of pain. I asked them not to tell Krista about it just then the alarm went off and Luke, Joshua, Krista, Troy and Teddy had to leave I had to stay behind because of the surgery and because I was outnumbered by the samurai and rpm rangers.

​​Some of the rangers were watching me and the others were watching the others fight.
After the surgery was done I was allowed to move around the base by myself and I went straight to the training section of the base. And I was doing the smallest movements so that I did not hurt myself worse than I already was. But then I was ganged up on by Emily, Summer and Mia and was forced to stop practicing after that I was called by arcee and ratchet for some testing for poison and other things. Right about now the others got back from the fight. Krista was glad to see me fine and she was about to hug me but thankful I was able to tell her to not hug me because of my shoulder. After a while the tests came back and there was a little bit of poison in there but I was going to be score for a while and that would put me out of action for a few weeks.

​So I was stuck with base duty for the next few weeks but I was fine with it because me and Troy were the first rangers we have been fighting cobra and his men the longest. So whenever we get a chance to stop fighting them we like it. A week later the alarm went off by then we were including Teddy just like we did the other rangers. But for some odd reason after some of the fights we would have a meeting saying that Teddy was a little crazy because she was trying to be the leader during the fights instead of following Luke who was second in command. According to the stories that I hear Teddy is trying to act like me during the fights and she watches videos from other fights, but she only saw me fight once in person. What was I going to do to get Teddy to stop would I need help from the other rangers both rpm and samurai.

​Chapter Five

​I was finally back in action and the first fight back I saw how Teddy was watching every move I made and that had to stop. After we got there and finished off the little snakes we had to face hard face he was tough we hit him with a special attack the he hit us hard we all fell down. I was the first up and I put the panther shield up to protect the others and of course Teddy was watching and I had an idea that I would have to talk to her after we got back. But I had other things to attend to like taking hard face out.

​It would have taken a few minuets to take hard face out but Rattler showed up and caused some trouble it toke a while to get hard face but I did and as soon as he went mega rattler disappeared. We called the zords and formed the Ultimate MegaZord and Wolf Burg Megazord it toke a little bit to come up with a plan and find a weak spot on him and we did we hit him with everything we had left. It was Teddy’s first mega battle.
When we got back to the base we had visitors the samurai and rpm rangers stopped by to hangout and practice with us. I pulled Teddy over to the side and told her that she was to stop acting like leader and less the others were hurt really bad, and to stop acting like me because this team is supposed to be of different personalities and different leading skills. She agreed and said she was going to stop but she was only trying to fit in. I told her that she would it just takes time for us to get used to new things like this and she would bring something the team needed. After that talk she got better at it and she went from newbie to pro in no time boy we were proud of her.

​We did a training game with samurai we were teamed to spar by arcee the sparing pairs are Tori vs Jayden Luke vs Kevin Joshua vs Mike Seth vs Mia Krista vs Emily Troy vs Antonio Teddy vs lauren. The results were Tori beat Jayden Luke beat Kevin Mike beat Joshua Mia beat Seth Emily beat Krista Teddy beat lauren Antonio beat Troy. There was one thing that I was keeping from the team the most powerful morpher that whoever had control of it could destroy every ranger’s power.

​It was time to show and tell the others that there was going to be one new ranger. I told my team to line up and pay attention to what they were going to see and hear. I told them and showed them they were a little confused. They asked who was going to the coyote ranger. I told them that I have a friend that has got everything it takes to be a ranger but first they would have to meet her I nodded to arcee to go bring her out. Emily Micks came out we did a few spars to show that she had what it takes to be a ranger we had a meeting they all said that she was in. I handed her the morpher and she put it on and we gained our 8th ranger.

​Then 2 hours later Pantheraxe called and left a video message for me. Pantheraxe challenged me to a to the death duel that was the ancient way that the panthers settled a long battle between two panthers. Of course the others were watching the video with me Pantheraxe said to meet him at the cliffs near the sea at dusk tomorrow he said he would be waiting. Pantheraxe also said that the others could come watch but if they tried to interfere they would hit a shield that would shoot ropes that would tie them to a tree and would sting. I told the others that they were welcome to come but stay a safe distance away and that it would be 4 hours before it was over. Because there are 4 different rounds that are each an hour long they were bound and determined to stop me from going all but Troy and our mentor.

​Chapter Six

​The 4 rounds are 1 sparing, 2 sparing with swords, 3 shift mode, and finally 4 morphed. It was about an hour before sunset and I was getting ready everyone but Troy, Emily, Lauren, and Jayden were trying to stop me I was not listening to them. I was thinking on how much stress Pantheraxe caused me and how much easier my ranger duty will be after he is gone. But am I going to be able to stop him or will he defeat me? It was time to go not knowing if I am coming back alive or dead. I had Arcee to open the ground bridge and I am only take Emily, Jayden, Lauren, Summer, Dillon and Antonio with me.

​We arrived at the cliffs a little before sunset and Pantheraxe was hiding and watching all of us and all I did was get ready for the upcoming battle. The others started asking me questions about how come I have to fight Pantheraxe. I told them I have to follow the ancient ways of the panther because I have to respect the ways of the panther. This is the only way to end a conflict between two panthers.

​All of a sudden I heard a branch break and I threw my sword right above Pantheraxes head. Everyone but Troy was surprised that I knew where he was. Just before we started fighting Tory told the others that if me and Pantheraxe are in an range of 10 miles of each other we can hear each other’s thoughts and what we are doing and all of that. Then we started fighting and at first Pantheraxe had trouble getting started but after he did I was doing the best I could to fight him so I would not get hurt too bad. Pantheraxe put up a very tense fight and finally few minutes of the fight left I hit Pantheraxe so hard with a special attack. The fire attack I used to hit Pantheraxe with caught Pantheraxe on fire.

​​We had to fight in shift mode we shifted into panthers and even after Pantheraxe shifted he was on fire that made fighting him hurt and really hard. Every time we touched while he was on fire it burned a part of me. After that we shifted back to normal and I morphed and we had one hour left and the whole last battle Pantheraxe was on fire and it was super hard to fight him.

​I hit him with the panther zord cannon and he went down for good. As Pantheraxe went down my hand turned black and Pantheraxe turned into a little black cloud the fire had died when he fell. He went into my hand to never come back out and after he was in me I fell down I was tired and I was now carrying Pantheraxe which he was tired after the fight and I was in pain from all the burns. Somehow I managed to get the whole left side burned the right side was perfectly fine. After the shock had finished going thought everyone Emily was the first one to come up to me after I had gotten to my feet by the time the shock had passed through them. I was standing by pole with fire coming out from the top and the next thing I saw was Emily standing in front of me.

I knew she had saw my jackets left arm sleeve torn up and by arm and my face burned.
Emily turned around just as the others were about to join her. They were just a little ways away from me when Emily told them what she had seen. Troy grabbed my right arm very gently and turned me towards them they saw exactly what Emily had described to them I could only see them through the right eye because the left eye was burned. On the way home in the back of Ratchet Emily, Summer and Lauren rode with me and I told Ratchet that I was thinking of taking a month or two off because I have been a ranger for about to be 5 years and this would be the first time I take since I started. Emily asked what I would while I was getting a break I said continue my other career which I had going before I became a power ranger.

​​Chapter Seven

​Troy goes and visits some friends that were about to leave to come to America for the summer. They live in England at a house called Anubis we meet them a while ago it was just me and Troy that know them. Tory went to see them and I had a surprise for Tory Arcee told me that he was going to visit them. I had not seen any of the rangers since I had left for 6 months it was half way through month 3. I was so excited about surprising Troy and our house of Anubis friends. I had two dogs that toured with me a German shepherded named Carrie and a Golden retriever named buddy they came with me everywhere I toured.

​​I had my bus hidden behind some woods and Troy was talking to Nina, Amber and Patricia my plan was to throw Carrie and Buddy’s favorite ball between Tory and Nina, Amber and Patricia and before I could Fabian, Alfie and Eddie showed up. But I did find a little whole and just did throw it through that whole and the dogs went crazy when they had gotten to the ball they started fighting over it and Troy recognized them just as he recognized them I whistled for them to come here they started running towards me and every one eyes were following the dogs and they finally got to me it Tory a few minutes to realize it was me.He started walking towards me the others did not recognize me because I had to wear a black mask over the left side of my face and a glove over my left hand because it got burned kind of bad.

​It will take a little while for my left hand and face to recover. After me and Troy hugged they others come up to us and it took a little while till Troy told them it was me. Tory told them about how come I have to wear a glove and mask on one side while he was telling them I was taking off my mask, glove and jacket to show them after Tory was done telling them I told them I could only see them through one eye. After I showed how bad it looked I told Nina, Amber, Patricia, Fabian, Alfie and Eddie that I had a surprise for them. I told them that during the summer I was going to bring my Range Tour to England. I also told them that they had free front rows seats and vip passes but before I start I would have to go see the others.

​​A few days later me and Tory went home but we had Arcee tell us when the others were gone and while I was gone I locked my room door but we had only a few minutes to get ready. I was going to hide in my room with the door unlocked and make it look like it was night and I was in a hotel room and make my video chat on time because I know that all of them would be there. We were running out of time but all we did was use the light of my computer in my room as the light and we put up a black sheet behind were I was going to be sitting. Our plan was that after a little while after we talk I say that I have to grab something and that’s when I quietly walk out of my room and walk up behind them and say well who are you waiting for and secretly be recording this surprise so that I can show it at the concert that is coming up.

​​I just sat down as soon as they walked in and I pushed the call button. They answered we were talking and I said that I had to grab something. I walked up behind them and said who are you waiting for they all turned around I got tackled by Krista and hugged by the others. But it took the others a few minutes to recognize me because they did not know about how bad the burns were and I was covering them up. I told them about the concerts and that it would be in England and that Krista, Mia, and Antonio was going to be in the show too if they wanted to and I knew before Krista opened her mouth she was totally going to say yes.

​It was the first concert night in England we were singing Stronger by Kelly Clarkson, Cupid's got a shotgun by Carrie Underwood, Love Does by Brandon Heath, Gold by Britt Nicole and a couple of others songs. This concerts are small one their purpose was to earn money for the red cross and other charities. Everyone had fun and while the concert was going on there was people counting the money and I told everyone that we had $340 dollars to give to red cross and other charities. Everyone was so happy about the money we had raised. There was something I was not telling the others. Rattler was our undercover snake that let us know almost everything that Cobra had planned I found out that Rattler betrayed us One of our rules was that no one but me could call and talk to Rattler unless they had permission to.

​After the show all of our friends came behind the stage and I told them about Rattler they were shocked to find out. I also told them that I fought Rattler and kind of got hurt I showed them the bruise on my arm it was big and painful. The next thing I knew I was back to work leading the team and I was happy to be back. We had a call one time while the Megaforce rangers were fighting Yuffo we were running around looking for creeper we were looking for him when meagforce was fighting Yuffo in mega. Right when the megaforce rangers were coming down from their megazord well the others were fighting him I was using the ground bridge to get there. The others went down hard the megaforce rangers were going to help but I was able to get there in time because I knew just how powerful creeper was. I morphed and then went to panther staff ranger mode a pretty powerful mode that we have I started fighting creeper with everything I had and I hit creeper one time and he fell down long enough for the others to join me. We finished him with panther zord cannon mode and we called the zords and formed Wolf Spencer MegaZord, Ice Burg star MegaZord, Coyote Star MegaZord while the megaforce rangers were watching.

Chapter 8

​After creeper went down we put our zords back to zord mode and we jumped down we were still morphed. The Megaforce rangers were talking to each other while they were talking everybody but me and Troy went back to base or out to the city. The meagforce rangers came up to me and Troy and demorphed me and Troy were about to demorph but Tory looked like he was about to fall. Troy was going down because he was not feeling good he fell to his knees while demorphing . I demorphed then fell to one knee to check on Tory he said he would be okay I helped him up and I let him lean on me. After I helped Troy up we started talking to the Megaforce rangers and me and Troy had a little group talk and thought that Troy, Gia, Emma, Noah, and Jake were trust worthy . We toke them to our base but the others were all at different spots.

​Then Arcee reminded us that our mentor was coming to see how much we had grown and give his little tests like every other time he came. We decided to show the megaforce rangers our training room because me and Troy decided to practice for our mentor’s test. The megaforce rangers were amazed at our base Arcee had set up some chairs for them so if they wanted to watch us get ready for the test. Noah was caught up with all the cool robots and how cool the computers were. I told Arcee to let him into the computer in the training room and he found our teams history dating all the way back to the very first Ultimate Force team till ours and then I went over and put it on the big screen for them. And after that video it went to the video all about our team from the very beginning till now. A little while after our teams history videos were finished me and Troy went back to practice and Noah went back to the computer. A little while after we had gotten back to what we were doing. We got an incoming call alert it was from our mentor’s home planet one of the special guardians that was with our mentor all the time. Our mentor was a king and all so the very first panther ranger.

​Our mentor was headed towards his ship that was going to bring him to earth and Rattler attacked him and hurt him really bad and wounded a couple other special guardians. By doing that Rattler started a war between me and him I toke it hard because our mentor was still connected to the panther power. Whenever he got hurt I felt the pain I told myself over and over after we found out that he was going to be all right. I reminded myself of a lesson that he taught me once he said to never fight with anger in your heart because the enemy will use your anger against you. We invited the megaforce rangers to spend the night with us since it was so late. We had a call later on about our mentor he was poisoned really bad and the doctors did and were doing all they could but they said that he may not last to much longer. My heart sunk and broke at the same time I felt the pain he was going through and I knew that all I could do was hope.

​​The next morning I was up before anyone else expect for Gia and Emma they came down while I was practicing against a robot that looked like Rattler. A little while after the others had waken up I felt a pain and I knew our mentor had passed me and Troy knew him better than the others. I asked Troy to check the list of the hospital that our mentor had been put in. Troy said that the list said that he had passed just then our mentors son showed up and gave our mentor’s sword to me and said that our mentor said that I would know what to do with it. I opened up a secret part of the base up and everyone walked in by this time rpm and samurai showed up and joined us I lead the way to the very first ultimate force teams museum and all of the original 5 colors bowed to honor them and I opened up our mentors sword slot and put the sword in there. I backed up as the slot closed and locked itself I bowed to honor our mentor the first panther ranger ever. I did a special code and it burned into the wood that was under his picture his favorite saying “Always be great rangers forever” he said that every time we talked about the how the battles were getting tougher to fight. I told myself that I would not fail the earth, our mentor, and panther when it came to butting an end to Cobra in the final battle.

Chapter 9

​We are almost to the end of this war I stayed at base while the others went on a trip since they had the week off. I was doing some exercises when Emily, Summer, Gia, Mia, Lauren, Emma, and Gemma stopped by I talked to them while I was finishing my exercises. When I got done a little while after we talked the alarm went off Arcee wanted to know if she should tell the others. I told her no because of two reasons. Reason one the others had their first week off in a long time. The other reason is I had a score to settle with Rattler. I morphed then the others came with me but did not morph they stayed behind a rock and watched the fight. I walked out from behind the rock and called Rattlers name and he turned around I was expecting that he would call little snakes to help him but he did not. I guess he knew why I was there without the others.

​We started fighting I hit Rattler hard then Rattler hit me harder than I hit him. I fell down because he hit me in the stomach and then I got up I wrote the code for panther staff mode. The others were watching and Dillon, Jayden, and Troy joined them we fought for a little while longer and Rattler said you know that I killed your mentor. He was trying to make me made but I had control and was able to keep my cool. I hit him with the final panther fury strike attack and as he was going down he said that I had one hour to find and save my team because he had a bomb where ever they went camping. He said that as he went down as he exploded I was knocked back into a cliff and demorphed. Then little snakes appeared I had to go take care of them but nobody knew that Dayu was waiting for me to come out from under the cliff.

​I was fighting the little snakes there was just one left as soon as the snake disappeared I got hit in the back so hard that it started bleeding it was a big line across my back that was bleeding. I went down then turned on my back witch was a painful move and looked up at Dayu and sent an attack at her and it hit her. Dayu after being hit she jumped down and said that she had orders to keep me busy until the one hour was up. We had a little fight but Mia came to take over for me I had a half hour to find them. I was going to have to use super speed kind of like flash but I knew if I used the super speed power in my condition I could be put into a coma. I had to take a chance but first I had to get rid of Dayu I morphed and I hit Dayu with my smallest attack but it was enough to get rid of her. But before she went through the gap she reminded me that I had only a few minutes to find my team mates. Instead of using the super speed I was going to use mind connection that only me and Troy knew about it. If I did that code I could talk to Troy without having to use words and other people could not interrupt us. Me and Troy were the only ones that could do it I wrote the cod and was able to contact Troy.

​I pulled up a window so the others could see what they were doing I was able to warn Troy and the others and they found the bomb and Troy put his shield up around the bomb in time. I fell to my knees after that and I almost went into a coma but thankful I was able to keep myself together. When I feel the window closed and everyone looked at me I tore part of my jacket which was close to coming off by itself. I walked over to the ocean and but the torn jacket piece into the ocean and put it on my back it stung for a little bit. I started walking back to base after that the others come with me on the way back I almost went into a coma again I had to stop and lean with my back aginst a tree for a few minutes.

​I finally got back to base with the help of the others and I went into one of the emergences treatment rooms the others came with me Arcee and Ratchet were waiting. They told me that they would have to clean it and sew it back together and while they are cleaning it I might go into a coma because of the fight took everything I had. I only had a little bit of energy and strength left. I told Arcee not to tell the others about this until they got home there was only 4 more days until their week off ended. Ratchet had Optimus stand in fount of the table I was sitting on just in case I went into a coma. Ratchet and Arcee were almost done sewing it up when I went into a coma the only rangers still at the base at that time was Gia, Emily, Emma, and Summer the others went back to their bases. They kind of jumped when I went into the coma Ratchet finished sewing it up and said that I may be out for a few days and that they were welcome to stay if they wanted and when needed Arcee could get them to the battle field using the ground bridge.

​Emily and Summer stayed at the base Gia and Emma said that they would stop by when they could. It had been 3 days since I went into a coma and I finally started waking up and Summer and Emily were jumping for joy Emily got on her phone and called her team and the megaforce rangers to tell them the good news. Summer came over and hugged me but she did not touch my back. Just then the ground bridge opened ans Summer and Emily went to see who was there and while they were gone I tried to stand up so I that I would not get in trouble with them.
I was holding on to the chair and I walked over to the computer to check some stuff. They came back and found me standing at the computer and the got super mad but thankful Arcee came in at the right time and nicely told me to get back in the bed. The others got back from their week off and Krista nearly killed me about not telling her.

​Chapter 10

​I was still stuck at base and Emily was acting like my mom yeah I was going crazy everywhere I went she went with me but I love Emily even though she protective. I was trying to recover from being in a coma and all of that just then the alarm went off in section 14 it was Dayu and Rattler. The others were fighting against some other snake and I was the only one left that was a used to Rattler’s poison The other Samurai and Megafroce rangers came in while Emily was trying to stop me while I was heading to grab my mropher. The others realized what Emily was trying to stop me because they looked up and saw Dayu and Rattler on the computer screen.

​The others were help Emily with trying to talk me out of it and I told them I had to go because of Rattler they were not used to Rattler’s poison like I was. Arcee opened up the ground bridge and I mrophrd and ran though I knew why they were attacking while the others were fighting anther snake. It was a trap but they did not know that I knew about it I put my shields up as I left base. When I morphed it took a lot out of me because I was still recovering from being in a coma and I was about to nearly take what was left out of me by calling the power of all 113 panther rangers.

​I called the power of 113 panther rangers power and after Rattler and Dayu ran I was still awake Summer, Emily, Gia, Mia, Emma came through the ground bridge. I was standing up when they got there and I was leaning against a tree Arcee was reading my morpher line to my heart rate it was very low. I was walking towards the ground bridge when Pantheraxe the good one showed up and took me and the others to his base under the ocean. Pantheraxe knew all the old sickness and the cures and all of that. I was laying there coughing and going delirious because I was sick because I was trying to recover from a lot of things.

​The others had to leave that night and it took a few days for the stuff Pantheraxe had given me to kick in and I went back to base and went to bed for the night. The next day I was back in action I was all better thank goodness. I was making more weapons one day I gave the others the day off I was watching videos from mine and Troy’s first fights and training videos when the others came by to hang out and watch a movie with the others. I was working on three new zords and I showed the others while they were waiting for my team to get back. The first zord is tank the 2 one is multiple armor for all of the zords and the 3 one is a mega blaster all of the rangers have to be in mage mode to make it work our mega mode is like samurai’s super mode.

​One day I created a once and a life time serum it let me control a computer just by thinking about it. Nobody knew about it but Arcee for a little while one day Emily, Gia, Emma, Summer, Mia and Gemma stopped by. I was standing a little ways away from the main computer and Arcee was in robot made which meant she was not controlling the computer. They came in and asked Arcee if I was all right and she told them about what I was doing when I come out of it I fell to my knees because I was still try to get used to it and control it too. When I fell to my knees it freaked everybody out that was standing there I got up and went to the training room, I sat down in a chair because panther was showing me a clip of the final battle it was not going to good for our side and I got hit by Cobra and it ended. I was going crazy The others saw my reaction and asked if I was okay and told them about the clip of the final battle.

​Then I heard some calling panther one after another it sounded like the bad Pantheraxe was back I looked up and I saw Pantheraxe I was the only one who could see him he was in my head. I was saying no and backing up the others were looking from me to wear I was looking and I stood up and was backing up till I got to a wall then he disappeared. I just fell to my knees trying to figure why he was back the others were talking and was wondering about what just happened to me they finally walked up to me and asked what happened and I used my mind to pull up videos of the bad Pantheraxe. Just then throne our new mentor called he said that I was needed at my panthers home planet they were under attack he had sent some guardians but whatever was there was really bad because they had not returned back. I asked him if I could bring back up and he said 4 people that I trusted very well and I chose Emily, Gia, Emma and Gemma to come with me.

​I loaded them into the panther zord Gia and Emma were loving the inside of the panther zord. I pulled up 4 seats in front of me they went and sat down I morphed and activated panther zord up. I got buckled up I was standing up the zord bay door opened up and we took off we were an hour away from panthers home planet when I got a video call from one of the guardians and they warned me about what I would be facing. I called the others for backup they showed up all of our zords were carrying other rangers. The other rangers were watching us fight against a crazy monster that I was going to get it off of panther’s home we went down and we were fighting we were about to win we did our zords canon it hurt him but did not get rid of him. He sent an attack at us it hit all of us we all got back up then he hit me and Krista I was in pain but I got up and I looked over to Krista and she was on the ground out of it. I told the others I had to drop Krista off in my zord’s emergency room she was hurt pretty bad we would have to finish him off soon or Troy would have to get Krista from my zord and rush her back to base and have Ratchet and Arcee ready to get to work.

​It ended up being that the team had to rush Krista back to base and while they were on the way to base to stay there I would be able to handle the creepy thing that was attacking panther’s home planet. I had found his weakness and was going to panther armor like iron mans. I finally got rid of him and went to my zord I told the people riding with me to hold on because I was about to go to the fastest speed my zord had. We got back to base then I realized just how much that fight had taken out of me but I had to go save Krista from that poison that I was the only one that knew how to stop it. After I stopped it I went to the main computer and sat in the chair and almost fell asleep.

​The rest of that night was peaceful the samurai, rpm and megaforce rangers spent the night at our base the next morning they ate breakfast with the rest of the team I was sitting at the computer watching the videos of the fight last night. Only Troy knew why I was watching it over and over again they asked Troy if I was okay and he walk up to me and put his hand on my shoulder. Troy told me it was time to tell them about why I was watching it over and over I told them that I used to be in charge of a little group of guardians and I was working on a protein serum I had told them not to take it till I told them to. Because it need to be perfected so that it would not turn them into monster but one of the guardians took it without me knowing. By the time I found out it was almost had taken over him he had left after he had taken it. I had been tracking him since I had become the panther ranger the guardian who had taken the serum his name was Drome.

​Krista and me decided to go with our youth group to an ice ring. We invited the other rangers we did not know that Rattler was planning to attack us while we were there. We got there everybody went skating but me I was just sitting there thinking about how we got started and how I could not believe we were about to end this war. While I was thinking I got a surprise that I did not like seeing little snakes in disguises then Emily, Gia, Emma, Mia came up to sit while I was trying to found out what little snakes were here for. They all said hey everybody but Gia said that they were going back that is all I heard of them talking I picked up my phone and called Arcee and told her to keep an eye on the little snakes. By the time I had finished the phone call Emily and Mia had gone back at the exact time that I hung up the phone the little snakes hit me with two needles in my right arm. Gia and Emma were talking while I was standing up and then I found out what the needles were full of they made you woozy when you get hit with them. Gia and Emma saw the way I was acting we were sitting an in area that the only people over there were me, Gia and Emma.

​I tried to stand up put I had to garb the wall really fast just then Rattler appeared on the ice after it had been cleaned Krista came over and we morphed. She went to take care of Rattler and I had to protect people from little snakes Gia, Emily, Emma and Mia morphed and helped me handle the little snakes. After the little snakes were gone I wrote the code for skates and while I was writing the code Krista got hit with a electricity ball from Rattler. I finally got out there about to fall over because of the little surprise from him after I got out there Emily, Gia, Mia and Emma shut the doors I went straight to Krista. She was in a lot of pain I could tell by the look in her eyes. Our shields that go over our eyes were both up I left mine up till I got up to fight Rattler I had to change into Panther Staff. Changing into Panther staff made it harder to fight Rattler the electricity ball that hit Krista it was making her want to fight me. I was already falling over while fighting Rattler thankfully the guys showed up and was taking care of Rattler I was about to find out I would have to fight Krista to break the thing that was making her want to fight me.

​I used my phone to write the panther power healing code that would only last until Krista had been defeated. Rattler left a little while after the guys arrived I told the guys to get off the ice very quick. As soon as the guys were off the ice Krista hit me with her most powerful fox attack which compared to my panther attacks it is small. I got up we went had it I would demorph but there was people watching us and there were people that knew me there that I could not let them know I was the panther. I was able to avoid getting hit for a little while but to my surprise Krista was combing all of her attacks that was going to hurt if that attack hit me. I called all of the panther shield power the shield was able to deflect the attack after that I called all of the panther power that I had left into one attack I knew I had one shot. If I was going to be able to get Rattlers attack to wear off. I hit her and watched her fall down I fell to my knees the guys and the others came out I told the guys to get her home I had to stay there and that I would be fine.

​Emily and Gia helped me off the ice I was about to collapse while on the way off the ice we went into the bathroom Emma and Mia were waiting they locked the door as soon as we got in. I had to lean against the wall I was in a bad shape I had little cuts all over my hands and some on my face. I was about to fall over I did fall but I was able to grab the bathroom stall after that I decided it was time to leave. We got to base the others left I went to bed after checking on Krista I enjoyed being able to finally get some sleep without having to wake up and go fight a snake in the middle of the night. I finally got back into the action we were about to face our hardest challenge yet. I was going for a ride with some power ranger friends when arcee made my morpher peeped I was riding as fast as I could to help them.

​What will happen next!!! What do you think will happen next? Let me know if you have any ideas for an episodes list!!!!

​​​Chapter 11 the final battle begins

​Chapter 12 the final battler ends

​Chapter 13 the rangers life’s after the war part 1

​Chapter 14 the rangers life’s after the war part 2

​This is the plan for the next chapters stay tuned to find out how it all end.